Sambol Foundation

The Sambol Foundation promotes the protection of women and children affected by domestic violence in Sri Lanka. Sheltered accommodation and education should improve the living situation. Detailed information about the foundation's work can be found here.



In a first step, we want to get to know Sri Lanka and its peculiarities better, people and nature better understand, so we can decide for us, where we can best use our knowledge and conscience. This as a basis to bring together the best of different cultures, sciences and societies and to gain the necessary acceptance.


Learning, understanding, respecting and implementing what has been learned. We want to pursue these aspects together with the local population. The aim is to create a community that draws on its own resources, but also wants to acquire something new and useful from each other.


Currently, we are taking a sustainable approach to tourism. The project of the foundation should be a platform for the promotion of women and children. Mothers who are affected by violence and their children should first and foremost find a place of protection in which they are stabilized and advised. Afterwards, they should enjoy education and training in tourism so that they can approach an autonomous life in the future. But we can also imagine very well being active in other areas than just the hotel industry. This is just what we are discovering and learning.


With our tourism projects we want to create beautiful places for recreation, inspiration and joy, which are at the same time, however, ecologically, socially and culturally appropriately embedded in Sri Lanka's circumstances. The sustainable footprint should be conceptually complementary to shelter for women.

Sambol Setting

explore. learn. build. sustain.