Physically, sexually or mentally experienced violence in Sri Lanka unfortunately has a high affected quota. The foundation intends to help people help themselves. Protective accommodation, stabilization, solid structures and everyday escorts help to catch the first traumatic experiences. By means of a realistic approach, a succession solution should be developed, so that self-determined life would be possible at a later point in time. The foundation is financed by private donations from our environment and a turnover share of 10% from the tourism projects.

Advisory Board

Devika & Luca Salomon

Devika and Luca are driving the project forward. Devika's in-depth knowledge of society is applied in everyday practice. In addition to her experience in women's work, she acts conscientiously and humanitarian in the role of Foundation Council President. Luca complements the duo with care and versatility. Further information on the initiators of Sambol Setting here.

Rochelle Allebes

Rochelle Allebes worked in the Frauenhaus Zürich and is co-founder of the girls' house there. She is a longtime supervisor and has experience in the development and development of

Projects in the psycho-social sphere. She advises the foundation in conceptual, implementation and technical issues.

Brigitte Salomon

Brigitte Salomon is a qualified nurse specializing in psychiatry. She also worked in training and management positions at the clinic. The training as a parent and adult educator supplements her expertise in project work, as well as her 10-year activity on the board of the Verein Tagesschulen Zürich.

She supports the foundation in the conceptual area and with the private network for helpful contacts.

Roland Thomann

Roland Thomann supports the foundation with words and deeds from Switzerland. This is based on the experience of two decades of work for communication and fundraising agencies in Switzerland, the establishment and establishment of a foundation in Indonesia and his involvement in humanitarian emergency aid as communications director of Médecins Sans Frontières.

Aktueller Projektstand

Status November 2019

We have been living in Sri Lanka since January 2018. We were able to establish a foundation in Switzerland. Now the focus, after clarifying the local conditions and regulations, is on setting up the organization and setting up the women's shelter. In October 2019 we were able to sign the lease contract for the shelter. We are now intensively working on the implementation of the concepts and deal with the first cases that we are looking after. In many respects, the Foundation benefits from the know-how gained from the broad-based Advisory Board. The next steps are a smooth operation of the house and the launch of a fundraising campaign to secure the future of the project.


As a charitable foundation, we currently use donations to cover the costs of setting up the NGO on site and the shelter. We are also in the process of defining measures to ensure security and anonymity and are recruiting locally selected specialists to ensure smooth operation and optimum support.


With your donation you contribute to the fact that women affected by violence with their children have the possibility of escape and help. Women and children can be strengthened by staying in this shelter. We will also promote a future-oriented development so that some of those seeking protection will be able to pursue a self-determined life after their stay.

Legal form & account

Our foundation is part of the collective foundation Fondation des Fondateur.


Donations can be made online or to the following account:


IBAN: CH44 0070 0114 8021 2333 5



Fondation des Fondateurs

Kirchgasse 42

8001 Zürich

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For all donations, a donation receipt will be issued.

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